How much would you make by year end if the doctors who currently prescribe your drugs doubled?

Add You might be asking these questions to your Medical Manager…

Can our Prescribing HCP double?

Can we double our current HCP reach?

Can we have our drugs on more shelves in pharmacies?

Can we increase our Mindshare?

With your current field force and current effectiveness, the truth is…probably not!

Wait a minute, before you get pissed off.

Your current field effectiveness isn’t lacking because of inefficiency…it is just that the right technology will always have a much more “exponential” effect.

I can already hear lots of argument…

We are already doing technology…

We have been E-detailing for ages.

But forgive my curiosity…

1.        Is your technology consensual?

In other words, do you have a platform that is jointly owned by both your company and the HCP and the HCP agreed that you could share information on it?

This is necessary because without this, your efforts to communicate digitally with the HCP can easily constitute “digital noise”. Remember, your reps are not the ones trying to reach out to the HCP. A Doctor sees an average of 10 reps per day, that’s an average of 100 reps per week in addition to all the patients waiting for his attention!

No wonder some reps just peep in, say a quick hello and move on! Let’s face the fact.

However, imagine that there is a fixed time, place and channel and the HCP has agreed to make out time to listen to your reps aside his busy schedule. In fact, the HCP looks forward to hearing from you. This gives your reps the right ambience to deliver value. The HCP can easily review materials you send and give you feedback. This feedback would serve as your next detailing topic. The platform gives the rep the opportunity to always be in contact with the HCP even when not present physically with the HCP.

The key word is Consensus and that’s what RoboRep is about. RoboRep is a platform that brings together consenting partners to deliver value to both parties- the HCPs on one hand and the Pharmaceutical companies on the other hand.

2.        Exponential reach: It cannot be overemphasized that with technology, more territory coverage can be achieved than with human effort alone. That is indeed the “exponential effect”.

Imagine a platform with real-time online HCP accounts, like LinkedIn. These accounts are all verified and fictitious accounts removed. Pharma companies can then prospects for new leads even beyond their present coverage.

That’s exactly what RoboRep is about.

So I ask again, how much would you make if you doubled your current prescribing Physicians in your current coverage?

How much would you make if you could double your current territory reach?

RoboRep isn’t for everyone…it is for those who dare to embrace the challenge it takes to grow.

"The wheel of change moves on, and those who were down go up and those who were up go down."-   Jawaharlal Nehru

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