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    RoboRep is a CRM and SFE solution designed for the B2B Medical Industry. It is a unified medical liaison and distribution platform that digitizes the chain from life science companies to Healthcare professionals and retail Pharmacies. It connects all three players for easy access, networking and exchange of information, goods and services.


    RoboRep is the fastest growing HCP-only platform projected to reach about 20000 HCPs across Nigeria by 2022.

    RoboRep gives you access to HCPs that actually want to speak to you!


    It also provides you with e-detailing tools such as video-calling, texting, document sharing, screen sharing to enable you communicate with the HCP regardless of time, space and location.


    With RoboRep, you have access to an E-shop so you can receive orders and payment. This will help keep track HCP of prescription.

  • Features

    RoboRep is the Future of e-detailing

    With RoboRep e-detailing just got much easier!

    Verified HCP Accounts

    Talk to a Doctor today!

    HCPs sign up real-time online providing their professional data. The HCP accounts are verified. This provides leads for prospecting.

    Online Meeting

    Video calling

    With RoboRep you can reach HCPs anywhere across Nigeria. You can schedule online meetings, text, video call, share educational or detailing materials, and screen share during video calls.

    This will help increase your HCP reach and give you access to territories unexplored previously

    Order products

    Track Purchase

    HCPs can easily order your products and pay online. This can help you keep track of prescribing HCPs or HCFs.

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